Close Protection


Sometimes the everyday dangers we face can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to our security – but we still often take our own safety for granted. At JMS Security, we believe that personal safety is something which should never be left on the sidelines – which is why we are here to protect you. Our London based security company specialises in offering premium security services for a variety of industries, people, and locations, and we are experts in ensuring that you and your clients come first.

Our services include identifying potential threats, providing escort teams, medics, surveillance, drivers, individual protection, and residential security. We understand how feeling at risk can deal a heavy toll on quality of life – which is why we commit to providing high class security which ensures not only guaranteed safety but also peace of mind. Our clients include VIPS, politicians, celebrities, athletes, and other individuals who are sometimes at risk.

Not only do we meet the industry standard, but we exceed it to provide the ultimate service in close protection. Our experienced professionals are committed to guaranteeing a safe, secure, and friendly service so you and your loved ones can feel protected not only in your own environment, but in other environments as well.

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