Door Supervisors

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At JMS Security, we understand how important it is to create a professional working environment which is safe, relaxed, and friendly – which is why our door supervising service is the perfect answer to your door security needs. We are a London based security company which specialises in providing high quality security services for our clients, and it is our incentive to give you the peace of mind you need to achieve success in your business.

Our highly-skilled professionals are dedicated to providing excellent service and eliminate any security risks where possible by working in close cooperation with your establishment or business. We are able to respond to security situations which sometimes occur in a timely, professional and accurate fashion, and ensure that our presence is both reassuring and friendly. Whether it is dealing with a challenging situation from violent people, protecting staff or ensuring the safety of customers, we are committed to making your establishment top class, an integral part of maintaining a strong reputation.

Our door supervisors believe in contributing to a safe and friendly atmosphere for your customers, serving as the friendly face of your business as well as the safe one. Not only do we strive to meet industry standards, but we exceed our clients’ expectations too.

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