Event Security

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It’s common knowledge that planning a successful event can be time consuming and require a lot of energy, which is why the team at JMS Security is happy to take off some of the pressure and cover one of the most important aspects of your event: security. We are a London based security company which specialises in providing high quality security services for a variety of industries, and we are your answer for ensuring that your event is safe for everyone.

Our highly-qualified personnel’s extensive experience in the industry means that we will eliminate all security risks and vulnerabilities in advance by working closely with event organisers on a regular basis, or we can step in at the last minute if required. We take extra care to ensure that our presence is alert and aware without disrupting the relaxed or lively atmosphere of your event. In addition to our security services, we are also able to supply K9 attendance, surveillance, and medical services.

At JMS Security, we know how important it is to deliver a successful event to satisfy clients’ needs and ensure a prospective future for the business, so that is why we offer the best in event security programmes so you don’t have to worry. With our professional team, we can help you plan the best event in town.

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