Health and Safety

One of the most important aspects of providing a high quality security services is having a robust health and safety policy in place. This protects our staff, our clients, and any third parties that they may have a need to come into contact with.

The fact is, even when working within the tightest confines, the nature of the security industry means that certain hazards will exist. Part of our job is to minimize the risk of these hazards and maximise the safety of whatever situation our clients would like security services providing for. We will do this by conforming to the following health and safety standards:

-To fully cooperate with both the local and national authorities to ensure the health and safety of our clients and employees are always fully maintained.

-To ensure that all of our staff members and, where appropriate, our clients, are fully trained and fully briefed on the appropriate health and safety standards required for every event and know how to ensure that those standards are always met.

-To only hire the most highly qualified and experienced members of staff for every event in order to fully ensure that all possible health and safety risks are minimized.

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