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At JMS Security, we understand the value of hard work and keeping your business contents safe and protected. We are a London based security company which specialises in providing high quality security services for business owners in the retail industry. We offer a variety of different programmes which can be adapted to specifically suit your retail security needs so that you can rest assured that your merchandise and stock is under full protection.

Our highly-skilled experts are able to assess the nature of your business and apply appropriate security measures which address low-risk and high-risk factors in order to ensure that your business is safe. Our extensive experience with high-end vendors has helped us to develop an excellent relationship not only with our clients, but with the public while taking a respectful and steadfast approach to maintaining the safety and security of your store.

Our professional team is trained to meet and exceed industry standard qualifications, and is equipped to not only maintain a steady level of security but respond quickly and efficiently to any immediate scenario without disrupting the public’s sense of comfort. We strongly believe in reinforcing a reassuring presence in the retail community: one which keeps your hard-earned stock protected, your customers satisfied, and your store safe.

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