Terms and Conditions

If you chose to work with JMS Security for your security needs then we, “the company”, will ensure that you , “the client”, are our highest priority and that when we are undertaking any job for you we will confirm to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The company will provide the staff and other security services that the client needs and will follow the schedule and instructions that have been outlined and agreed by both parties
  2. The company will ensure that all security staff are supplied with the appropriate level of safety equipment they will require in order to carry out their duties
  3. The company will provide the client with a fully detailed security event log, at their request, outlining details of any incidents or happenings of note during the undertaking of their security duties
  4. The Company will ensure that all of their staff and operatives comply fully to all of the relevant health and safety standards required for the job and that the client deems to be necessary
  5. The company is fully insured and the client can view this public liability insurance certificate on request. The company will work within the confines of the liability outlined within this insurance document.

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